Hand making process

This is a place where true pieces of art are born, reaching indescribable imagination, a place where you can choose and create a unique pair of custom-made shoes.

Hand making shoes is a synonym for a comfort and creativity applied to every single pair of shoes.

From one hour to another, shoemaster spends time making new shoes, using natural materials, designing and creating new masterpieces. Hidden under the leather surface, each pair of sandals keep a great amount of secrets, the hard work of the shoemaster, all pain and joy put in the process, just for customers’ comfortability.

If you want to take a look into the whole process of making shoes, let us guide you, starting from some basics.

  • Tailoring- it takes a lot of attention, everything is done manually, using high quality materials and  tools that are highly respected and take incredible skills
  • Sewing- in crafty hands, undefined shapes of materials are getting into the shapes and starting to look like sandals and shoes 
  • Next step- it is quite impossible to describe the process where sewn pieces of leather are put on the shoes mould, using skilled and strong hands, glue, nails and a plenty of other tools


Leather sole

Our shoes these can be made with this beautiful soft leather golden sole. It is usually used for wedding shoes, but the shoes with this sole could be also used for tango dance. Leather sole is a durable and provides a firm but elastic structure.
This sole has a good grip on the surface, but also allows pivots easily.

Flexible suede sole

It is perfect for glamorous performances as it allows the ultimate flexibility .
This sole provides a good grip on the surface thanks to its suede cover,